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Villa Hush Hush was originally designed as a marketing suite for a high profile residential development in the heart of Westminster, London. The concept included a show flat that could elevate some 35m, giving potential buyers the opportunity to view the accommodation from the height of any flat in the proposed development.

The marketing suite consisted of a reception area containing meeting rooms and models, a 4d cinema, back of house offices for staff and a fully functioning show flat. The slab like massing was lifted up on four cylindrical supports to create a sense of openness and allow the creation of an ornamental garden at ground level. The supports below the back of house and reception areas contained stairs and lifts for vertical circulation. Below the cinema, the support contained the primary route for services to the suite. The support for the show flat was over 40m long and sat in an 8m wide basement core. The lifting mechanism was a counter-weighted system driven my an array of high torque electric motors.

The project received planning permission in 2008 and was developed to a high level of detail.

Marks Barfield were preoccupied with the notion of receiving a view of ones surroundings from a high vantage point and took the decision to later promote the concept as a domestic residence. In reference to its ‘reclusive’ nature, we named it Villa ‘Hush Hush’.

Steven was Marks Barfield’s Project Director in charge of Villa ‘Hush Hush’. He was responsible for creating the elevating concept design and led the project through planning and detailed design.

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Project Title:
Villa 'Hush Hush'


Marks Barfield Architects

Atelier One


Received Planning Permission

Westminster, London

Residential, Office