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In his role as Marks Barfields project director, Steven was responsible for creating the concept design and the final competition winning illustrations for this landmark sculpture.

Conceived to define prominent gateways into Wales, the Landmark Wales initiative set out to create a series of national icons that would come to symbolise Wales.

The concept is derived from the Welsh word Cymru, which means ‘Land of the Compatriots’. This notion was interpreted as a dynamic sculpture consisting of 300 larger than life red figures, that would soar through the air together like a flock of Starlings.

Each figure would be moulded in GRP and fixed to the top of a flexible carbon fibre pole which would allow it to gently sway in the wind.

Though the project missed out on Big Lottery funding, the popularity of the design  motivated Monmouthshire Council to seek alternative funding to realise the project for the 2012 Olympics.

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Project Title:
Landmark Wales

Monmouth County Council

Marks Barfield Architects



Monmouth, Wales

Cultural, Civic, Product Design