About This Project

In his role as Marks Barfield’s project architect, Steven was responsible for the concept, design and visualisations of the winning scheme, working alongside engineers Jane Wernick Associates.

This was a short listed competition for a new bridge to connect Gardiners Lane South, a major new development in Basildon’s Industrial Area to the A127 as part of the Thames Gateway Initiative. Central to the plans for Gardiners Lane South was the idea that it has a sense of place with the bridge playing a key role in defining the new development.

The concept proposed to create a simple, elegant, fluid statement to evoke a sense of optimism for the future. With its simple profile and clean surfaces, the design eschewed structural dynamics in favour of a cool, self assured understatement.

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Project Title:
Basildon Bridge

English Partnerships

Marks Barfield Architects

Jane Wernick Associates


Competition Winning Concept Design

Basildon, UK

Bridges, Transport